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Do you sell the products on your site?

In General, Worthbuytoday doesn’t sell the products we list. We’re a news site that reports the very best deals offered by thousands of merchants. We have a staff of writers who search the Internet daily to find the best deals available on a variety of products. We aim to save our readers both time and money by pointing them to the best bargains, deals and coupons available on the web.

Worthbuytoday Marketplace is the only circumstance where Worthbuytoday is involved in selling products listed on the site.

How do I buy a product from your site?
Each deal we list contains the merchant name and a link to the deal on the merchant’s website. Click on this link and follow their instructions for making the purchase. If you have any questions about the product or the price, contact the merchant before you make the purchase.
I purchased a product through a deal on your site and the product is defective or needs to be returned. What can I do?
Please contact the merchant you purchased the product from to determine what their return policy is.
How do I cancel an order?
Contact the merchant you purchased the product from to cancel the order.
Why is a price for a product you list on your site different than on the merchant’s website? /
Why is the coupon code I got from your site not working on the merchant’s website?
Our content team manually verifies each deal and coupon we list on Worthbuytoday before it’s even listed. However, deals often expire after we list them, sometimes within hours. Often, the merchants don’t tell us. We depend on our readers to let us know when a deal has expired or when a coupon code is not working.
Why do some deals expire before the expiration date you have listed?
Some deals or coupons have an expiration date, but are also limited to a certain number of uses. Once this limit is reached, the deal will expire regardless of the expiration date. In addition, merchants reserve the right to change or cancel deals at their discretion and without notice
I saw a deal earlier, but cannot find it now. Where did it go?
The deal has probably expired. Once we mark a deal expired, it is hidden by default. However, you can choose to view our expired deals. When browsing a category page or search results, click the “Show Expired Deals” checkbox on the left. You can view deals for the three months prior to the current date.
Why did I see a better deal on another website than what you have on your website?
Each deal we list is by definition the lowest price available on that item from a reputable merchant, period. If an item can be found for less elsewhere, we blew it, so please tell us! (Select “Send us a hot tip” as the Department.)